March Madness

March madness. A term so familiar to those watching college basketball, but on the contrary it has a whole different meaning for me and the rest of Team Jakič. You would think, coming home from Colorado at last, I would take some time off and tone it all down a notch. Well, it’s actually on the contrary for me.

Let me break it down for you. Upon my arrival home yesterday, I had to kick back into gear as far as college goes. I’m pretty sure my brain is dead again after the ski season and it will be hard to catch up on all the things I missed. I will also still have to continue to ski as the racing season continues for me until April 1st. Also, paddling World Championships are scheduled for mid-May and while I understand I will not be in perfect shape by then, representing my country is a privilege one should never turn down.

We will also be having a lot of one-time events. I plan on filming an episode of powder skiing with my friend Bine Žalohar and the rest of the Untouched Project crew. I would like to take part in Red Bull Home Run, a Red Bull chinese downhill style event at Krvavec ski resort. I will hook up with Mitja Legat of Legit Films to start filming for Slovenia’s 1st adaptive ski movie. There is also some things to do on the personal level – my N., my sister and my family to catch up with, my mom taking me for a spin in her new car, friends to go to coffee with, newborn babies to see, ….

And oh yeah, there is also the craziest thing I have ever done in the sitski – Team Jakič’s Project X. I’m sorry I have kept you in the dark for so long about it, but in a very competitive sport such as adaptive alpine skiing, you have to keep your plans for making history more or less hidden so that no one can beat you to it. As we’re finalizing the talks with the other parties involved, Slovenia Ski Federation and Legit Films, I really don’t want to say anything more until it is all set in stone. I’ll do a full detail blog post in a couple of days, that’s a promise.

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