Countdown To Raceday – Park City 2012

We just arrived back to the hotel in Park City and I have time for a quick Countdown To Raceday blog post before heading into bed. It’s getting kinda late, but disappointing my (not so very) numerous fans is not something I have on my menu on regular occasions.

I really wish there was more to write about my trip to Park City, but as my man version of morning sickness (constantly sick, without the pregnancy part) kept me off the hill for an entire week, there is nothing to really say. After a week filled with movies, TV shows and ice cream (I can be such a girl, I know!) I got myself out of bed, threw the most important, the not-so-important and the-just-in-case stuff in my bag, packed up 2 sets of my Elan skis and got my ass on a van heading to NorAm races in Park City. Pretty straight forward.

Tomorrow and the day after I will attempt, what many consider close to impossible – to salvage my season with a good result. Surprisingly enough, I actually feel good about it too, and I hope the good vibe and feeling transfers to my skiing come tomorrow. We’ll see soon enough. You can keep your fingers crossed, it can’t hurt in any way.

As they say: it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Firstly, this particular (very cute and fluffy) “dawg” never gave up without a fight and secondly, this “dawg” wants it bad …

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